|  GPCB : Welcome To The Gandevi Peoples Co Operative Bank Ltd  |  |  AS ON 31.03.2024 AUDITED DEPOSITS : 25372.92 LACS  |  |  ADVANCES : 16425.11 LACS  |  |  NET PROFIT : 371.27 LACS  |  |  WORKING CAPITAL : 29689.49 LACS  |  

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Loan through The Gandevi Peoples Co-Operative Bank LTD is basically issued to individual in need of personal financial support. We have values customer relationship and satisfaction customer.
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our financial reports

Bank's Financial Position as on 31-03-2024 :

Particulars  31-03-2024 (Unaudited)
Deposits  Rs. 25372.19 Lacs
Advances Rs.16425.12 Lacs
Gross  Profit Rs.699.71 Lacs
Net Profit   Rs.371.27Lacs 
Total Business  Rs.41797.31 Lacs
Working Capital  Rs. 29689.48 Lacs

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